Mad Girls, Bad Girls

Renegade cop Wade Olson -- hero of Danger Zone, Danger Zone II, and Danger Zone III -- is in for the ordeal of his life in this taut thriller.  Is the female really deadlier than the male?  The Sisters of Mercy are out to prove it when they kidnap Olson and tie him to stakes out in the desert. Soon they'll make him pay for busting their boyfriends -- in a very special way.  You won't believe your eyes as their bizarre "contest" unfolds.  It will take all of Olson's wits and willpower to survive this "tender trap."  Starring Jason Williams (the original Flesh Gordon).  Screenplay by Gregory Poirier (Roseland).  As seen on USA:   Up All Night.  Warning:  contains violence and nudity, especially the latter.  Rated R.  Color film.  1992.  84 min.  VHS:  $15  [Note:  This is a re-manufactured version created from an original digital master. It's the same quality as the original release, but has a different title, "Valley of the Cycle Sluts." In all other respects it's the same film, and it comes in the full-color sleeve pictured.]

Danger Zone 4 Box Cover

Cover photo by Robb Wilson

Dominatrix Workout Box Cover

The Dominatrix Workout, Vol. 1
Get fit to be tied!   Leather Mistress Desdemona, Mistress Jane, and Dick the Gimp will put your body through a workout you'll never forget!   Ready to be whipped into shape?  This provocative video aims to do just that! This tape does not contain nudity, but due to the overpowering atmosphere of torrid sexual tension, it will not be sold to anyone under the age of 21. 1999.  Color video.  82 min.  VHS:  $6  BRAND NEW IN SHRINKWRAP -- WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Wild Malibu Weekend
See what happens when five star-struck young women come to California to compete on the TV show "Bikini Showdown," in hopes of winning the grand prize:  $5,000 and a part in a major motion picture!   It's the most outrageous game show you'll ever see, and the contestants will go to any lengths to win.  Laughs and pathos abound as we learn why each of our heroines simply must win the prize.  Keeping things kicking in high gear are hot rock 'n' roll performances by rockabilly cats The Ultramatics.  You've seen this film on USA Network, but you haven't really seen it till you get this uncensored version, with all the daring nudes scenes fully intact.  Featuring Playboy centerfold Barbara Moore, and Penthouse Pet Stevie Jean.  1994.  Color film.  82 min.  VHS:  $15  SORRY -- THIS ITEM IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Nude Bowling Party
When a team of sexy models competes in a bowling match against a team of exotic dancers for $20,000 in jewelry, just about anything can happen!  But what actually does happen is that they all strip completely naked, and bowl round after round in the buff.  The fun also includes zany commercial parodies, and a cameo by cult director Scott Spiegel (Texas Blood Money).  1995.  Color videotape.  60 min.  VHS:  $15  SORRY -- THIS ITEM IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK